New CE Webinars on Neonatal Care



Today, more newborns and high-risk neonates have a better chance of thriving because of the advances in medicine and the dedicated care they receive from neonatal nurses on the front line. in collaboration with a leading neonatal expert, Dr. Terese Verklan, have developed CE-accredited webinars focusing on neonatal care. These new webinars are available free and on-demand to health professionals involved with the care of our most vulnerable patients.


Unplanned Extubation in the NICU: Preventing the Risk


Unplanned extubation is an unanticipated removal of an endotracheal tube that potentially places a patient at risk for short- or long-term complications. In neonates, spontaneous movement, tube dislodgement during procedures, uncuffed endotracheal tubes, positioning, and suctioning, increase the threat of unplanned extubation in this population. In this CE webinar, neonatal experts will share protocols from their facility on how focusing efforts on controllable measures to reduce the incidence of unplanned extubation in the NICU is crucial to preventing it. Sustaining adherence to prevention measures is the greatest challenge to bedside caregiver and is necessary to protect the patient from harm.


Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia: Etiology, Symptoms
and Management

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is benign in healthy infants, but can be a significant clinical condition in high-risk babies. This CE activity will discuss the physiology, pathophysiology, etiologies, clinical signs and symptoms and therapeutic management of neonates with conjugated/unconjugated bilirubin.


Positioning for Comfort and Growth:

Advances in neonatal care have led to significant changes in the survival rates of high-risk babies. Positioning and developmental care practices may help to mitigate related complications by promoting positive growth and healing. This CE activity will discuss motor and musculoskeletal development, the use of therapeutic positioning, and positioning to prevent unplanned extubation.





Upcoming Live Webinar

Feb. 22, 2017

12:00 PM EST /  11:00 AM CST / 9:00AM PST

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